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Power of Inquiry

What if I told you leadership was not about having the answers, rather it is about having the right conversations and asking the right questions?

Being curious and approaching each conversation as an opportunity to learn, gain perspective and invite growth can be the single most powerful leadership tool.  Powerful questions can open minds and hearts and lead to mutual understanding and respect.  A mindset of seeking can diffuse defenses, provide clarity and get to the source of a conflict.  Questions can draw solutions out of the noise and define the necessary direction.

Being a leader isn’t about having the right answers, it’s about asking the right questions.

You are a Leader

What does it mean to show up as a leader? How do you find your own authentic leadership style? Understanding your core values and how they shape your perspective and behavior is the guide to being your true self in a leadership role. Applying concepts of leadership to your approach to conflict, challenges, change and opportunity can lead to meaningful and effective strategies and healthy thriving relationships within your team at work as well as in your life.

Taking Care of your Tribe

I worked as an animal welfare professional for two decades where the mission of protecting animals was clear. What became the most important thing to focus on was ensuring the team of people who did the work could thrive. When the team was energized, empowered, cared for and trusted the animals were the beneficiary, the mission was reached at a deeper level. No matter what the mission of the company may be, it all comes down to the teams who do the work. Trust is the foundation for teams to thrive and creating that is the leader’s greatest responsibility.