Root Purpose Group

Lisa Pedersen

Lisa Pedersen – Principal, ACC
I think of myself as a catalyst for discovery. I believe you have the answers, and my job is to give you a process to find your path. Being rooted in your purpose will drive your vision to achieve your most important goals. We will identify your core values and the principles and use these as guideposts to find your authentic leadership style and voice. I will be your learning partner using reflection, inquiry, and curiosity to test your assumptions, uncover the true source of an issue, and empower you to take action.
This work is not easy. I will push you to lean into discomfort, challenge yourself, and emerge with powerful and actionable insights. By seeking a coach, you are already committed to growth as a leader and I am honored to partner with you in this work.
I love working with leaders because they are responsible for organizational health and culture. From emerging leaders to CEOs with decades of experience, they inspire and create change and growth in organizations and our communities. I have over 25 years of organizational leadership, most recently as the CEO of the Humane Society of Boulder Valley where we developed a progressive leadership team, nationally-recognized for innovation and excellence in the nonprofit and animal welfare sector. I have extensive experience in strategic planning, board management, fundraising, and business development projects. I have chaired and served on local, state, and national nonprofit boards of directors.