Root Purpose Group



We are a guide on this journey-lighting the way for you to reach your most important goals.

At Root Purpose Group we are endlessly curious about who you are and how large your potential looms. We are passionate about helping you find your unique path. Here’s how we do it:


We ask questions to help you identify your most purpose-rooted goals.


We listen for your core principles and shine light on them so they remain top of focus.


We help you develop a plan because goals are reached with disciplined action.


We help you hold yourself accountable to your plan so you can feel the joy of success.
At Root Purpose Group we adhere to the International Coach Federation code of ethics.
  • “No one asks better questions than Lisa Pedersen. They are grounded in her deep knowledge of the nonprofit landscape and what it takes to succeed there. But they are framed so well, and she listens so deeply, that somehow at the end of each conversation you realize that the insights and next steps you are coming away with really did authentically come from you – but in a way that you couldn’t see before. This in turn creates a grounding and anchoring of your strategy that no external advice could create.”
    Anne Reed President & CEO, Wisconsin Humane Society