It’s Our Root Purpose

to Help you Find Yours

When leaders grow, they change the world.
We are all leaders—of a team, an organization, or of our own lives. Yet, we are held back by the noise, lack of clarity, self-doubt, or a belief that we have to figure it all out on our own. We create obstacles to seeing our vision come to life.
How do you remove those obstacles? Being rooted in your purpose brings clarity to your vision and drives you to achieve your most important goals.

Create space for growth.

Through coaching, peer development groups, and organizational workshops Root Purpose Group is committed to being a catalyst for discovery. We help leaders and teams build organizations that thrive.

Together we create:

Connection to Purpose

Knowing what you want to create in the world feeds your personal energy and unlocks your potential.

Clarity of Vision

Confidence in direction will inspire you to take action and hold your self and team accountable.

Alignment of Values

Understanding your core values and principles, ensures you show up as your authentic self.


One-on-one sessions that dive deep into your most important opportunities or challenging obstacles.


Focused retreats customized to build your team’s culture aligned with mission and goals.

Peer development groups

Like-minded leaders meet monthly to collectively solve problems and learn together through a structured process.