Root Purpose Group



We are a guide on this journey-lighting the way for you to reach your most important goals.

At Root Purpose Group we are endlessly curious about who you are and how large your potential looms. We are passionate about helping you find your unique path. Here’s how we do it:

  • We ask questions to help you identify your most purpose-rooted goals
  • We listen for your core principles and shine light on them so they remain top of focus
  • We help you develop a plan because goals are reached with disciplined action
  • We help you hold yourself accountable to your plan so you can feel the joy of success

At Root Purpose Group we always adhere to the International Coach Federation code of ethics

Peer Development Groups

Imagine having access to a group of people dedicated to your success in career, life and family.

Imagine a tribe you can trust to hold up the mirror when needed; push you through your fears; hold you accountable; share experience and insights; and celebrate your success. Here’s how our Peer Development Groups create this experience for you:

  • We match you into a group of peers based on your organization or the specific situation you want to grow through.
  • Each month we will meet for a half day and discuss the issue that has been eating your brain and energy or which has you leaping into the day with excitement and opportunity.
  • Through a structured process the group will ask questions and share insights

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