Lisa’s Coaching Origin Story

The journey I have been on over the last two decades has shaped what I bring to our mission.

When I first became CEO of the Humane Society of Boulder Valley, I was filled with excitement and a whole lot of fear. I looked for role models, read books, and created a description of a good leader. What she does, how she behaves, what she believes, and what decisions and guidance she would disseminate. That description became my armor as I went into battle. It served as the performance criteria I used to judge my wins and losses each day. It was exhausting.

I walked around in a cloud of anxiety, weighed down by the feeling I was an imposter, that at some point people would realize I really didn’t have any of the answers. In hindsight, my biggest barrier was pretending that the leadership styles I saw in others, whose success I wanted, would work equally well for me.

I was fortunate to join a peer development group of talented CEOs, led by a brilliant and compassionate leadership coach. They encouraged me to lean into my discomfort and approach each challenge as my authentic self. I learned my natural gifts were accessed when I showed up with vulnerability and filled with curiosity. By asking the right questions, I was able to build strong connections, have meaningful conversations, and help others find the answers within themselves. That journey brought me to my root purpose: being a catalyst for discovery and growth in individuals, teams, and organizations.

I believe leadership is available to everyone. It comes in moments, whether you are leading your organization, team, family or personal journey. Authentic leadership gives you the ability to tap into your unique gifts and be rooted in the purpose that will create the greatest change and opportunity.

The coaching process unlocks your voice and grounds you in your values so you can achieve your life’s purpose. I know this first hand, and experience it daily with my talented, brave, and authentic partner at Root Purpose Group, Holly Tarry. We learn from one another, from the people we have the privilege of working with, from every word, feeling, thought and conversation. Coaching continues to elevate my work life, my family, my friendships and how I show up in the world.

I invite you to join me in the work, find your authentic leadership voice, walk in your values and live in your purpose.

Holly’s Coaching Origin Story

Four years ago, I walked into my new counselor’s office and said “I feel oppressed and I don’t know why.” At the time, I was a low-power animal-protection lobbyist in a draining and volatile marriage.